Saree is just not a saree but is a lifestyle to Indians; it is the only piece of cloth that has been winning the hearts of generations together. To any woman, her first saree experience would always remain special. Popular kinds of sarees that have been ruling of all times are Kanchipuram silk and Banarasi silk but besides them; there have been many different kinds of sarees on the list. No women hesitate to wear a saree ever. A saree embraces the women with a feminine charm and grace.

Rosiness of sarees

You see, we women never get settled with one option, we always try to look for more options in clothing and the same goes with the sarees. There are a humungous variety of sarees like Kanchipuram silk, Banarasi silk, Mysore silk, designer sarees, printed saree and so on. Depending on the theme of the event and its scale, women like to choose their saree to roll with. There is no women’s wardrobe without a saree, whether we wear them occasionally or not every lady loves to have a collection of her own. Every woman first saree would be handed down by their mothers as a reason a woman first saree is always special. If you like to have a capsule collection of saree then I would like to jot the varieties of saree that are timeless and could be very handy for any occasions.

If you are someone with classic taste and always want to behold elegance to the fullest then try

Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram silk:  Traditional and rich-looking drapes crafted from pure silk, portraying traditional motifs significant to Indian culture and history with zari detailing makes one of its kinds. The appealing korvai borders add additional value to the saree grace and beauty.

Banarasi Silk: Perhaps, one of the classic drapes with exceptional craftsmanship from the holy city Banaras. The luxury of the Mughal lifestyle is artistically featured on the canvas of pure silk using gold and silver zari. These are heavy ranged that goes apt for opulent affairs.

Ikat/ Patola silk:  This kind is the most popular and widely sought after artistic crafts since vintage, adorning traditional pattern using the Ikat technique using striking colours. The resulting creation after the weaving of the threads would expectedly surface in a lyrical colour extravaganza of finesse and precision.

Gadwal Silk: Nourished in a small town called Gadwal in Andhra Pradesh, these sarees are known for their seamless commingle of fabrics and designs. The entire saree is weaved with cotton while its borders in silk bloom the Gadwal silk saree.

And if you are a modern-muse and like to present yourself with ultimate glamour and style

Designer embroidered sarees: This line has a variety of saree collection fashioned from a combination of fabrics enhanced with unique surface embellishments that exudes glamour. Fabrics like georgette, net, chiffon, Chantilly lace, satin and so on. These saree provide stitched or unstitched embroidered blouses complementing the drapes.

Ruffled saree: This kind has been pretty popular in trend lately. Mostly fabric like georgette, chiffon or net is used in constructing this kind. Ruffled saree embrace one with a feminine look.

Pre-stitched sarees: To the new age women you are this category is the best pick for you as these sarees are readily stitched with pleats with elasticated waist, easy and fun. Lycra or a combination of fabrics is used in the making of a pre-stitched saree. These sarees are easy to drape with utmost comfort and stunning.

Be it classic or modern, sarees never fail to impress us. They charm a unique beauty that spellbound one in its grace. From celebrities to influencers, today, don’t shy to flaunt a saree look at all. They are setting cues on how to rock a saree look by accessorizing them with belt, coats, jackets, shoes etc. So if any of you are planning to create your capsule collection of sarees the above kinds are very much timeless and are not going to fade out anytime soon.

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